Baritone Ukulele mod. B ROS | 100% Solid wood!



Top – Solid Koa
Backs and sides – Solid Koa
Strings Type: Nylon, Tuning – (1st) E, B, G, D
Scale length – 515 mm
Finish: Open Pore

European model instrument, certified wood FCS and CITES
Made in Portugal

Each instrument has an individual design so that no two are identical.

LEAD-TIME: Hand-Manufactured to order, please allow 15-30 working days to dispatch.


All our instruments are made in Portugal from beautiful Australian Blackwood, botanical name Acacia Melanoxylon, with very similar tonal and appearance characteristics to Koa Acacia, a close relative, the material of choice for Hawaiian ukuleles All our ukes are solid wood, no laminates or plastic anywhere. They are manufactured exclusively in Portugal. Our necks are made from seasoned mahogany, for strength, and have a rosewood or wenge fretboard with accurate fret placement. The bridges are also rosewood or wenge, depending on availability. Both wenge and rosewood are very attractive hardwoods that make excellent fretboards and bridges. We use only high quality gold plated tuners which hold their tune very well. All instruments have a great looking durable matte finish. They are all strung with the traditional style of black nylon strings. “The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of the cavaquinho or braguinha and the rajão, small guitar-like instruments taken to Hawaiʻi by Portuguese immigrants. It gained great popularity elsewhere in the United States during the early 20th century, and from there spread internationally.”

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Weight 1,5000 kg

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