Octave Mandolin MOC308


Top – Spruce with Inlaid Mother-of-Pearl
Backs and sides – Ovangkol
Neck – Mahogany
Scale – African Blackwood
Portuguese Machine head
Strings Type: Steel – 8 Strings

Hand-Crafted Instrument

Brand – APC

Made in Portugal

Each instrument has an individual design so that no two are identical.

What people say about this item:

“l received my octave mandolin Thursday ,and I must say i am delighted with instrument
Well worth waiting for many thanks K Robinson.”

LEAD-TIME: Hand-Manufactured to order, please allow 15-30 working days to dispatch.

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The octave mandolin is a fretted string instrument with four pairs of strings tuned in fifths, G, D, A, E (low to high), an octave below a mandolin. It has a 20 to 23-inch scale length and its construction is similar to other instruments in the mandolin family. Usually the courses are all unison pairs but the lower two may sometimes be strung as octave pairs with the higher-pitched octave string on top so that it is hit before the thicker lower-pitched string.

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Weight 3,5000 kg