Portuguese folk TOEIRA guitar mod. VTR TOE



Top – Solid Spruce
Backs and sides – Walnut
Neck – Mahogany
Machine heads – Nickel
Strings Type: Steel – Strings
European model instrument, certified wood FCS and CITES

Made in Portugal

This is a guitar from an exotic Old-World that has a style you can’t find just anywhere!

LEAD-TIME: Hand-Manufactured to order, please allow 15-30 working days to dispatch.


This is a viola from the area of Beira Litoral and is especially used around Coimbra. The main identification points are the oval shaped sound hole and the 12 strings.
It has 12 strings and is often found with wooden tuning pegs.

The tuning of the 5 courses is : aaA, ddD, gG, bb, ee

Additional information

Weight 3,5000 kg

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