Portuguese Mandolin / Bandolin – mod. MDL305



Top – Solid Spruce
Backs and sides – Sapelli
Strings Type: Steel – 8 Strings
Tuning – (1st) EE, AA, DD, GG
Scale length – 364 mm
Finishing – High Gloss

European model instrument, certified wood FCS and CITES

Made in Portugal

Each instrument has an individual design so that no two are identical.

LEAD-TIME: Hand-Manufactured to order, please allow 15-30 working days to dispatch.

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The Portuguese mandolin seems to have evolved from the French mandolin and was probably also inspired by other citterns from Spain and Portugal, such as the bandurria and the laud. The main difference between the French and the Portuguese mandolin is that the Portuguese has a tapered and usually ribbed back while the French has a simpler flat back. There are other subtle differences between the two too. In general the Portuguese mandolin tends to be of a bit heavier and more elaborate construction than the French.

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Weight 4,5000 kg

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